Road Rage

I was in a bit of road rage this morning. It was me and this dude in a van. I wasn’t so angry but the guy in the van was pissed off! Holy shit. And the truth is, that it was awesome.

I love the meltdown of it all. I love the fact that as people we’ve become totally detached from each other and the world is getting even crazier and more violent by the day. I mean compared to Sparta, we are fucking cowards, but we’re getting there.

We base our religions and our governments all on the idea of helping people, but the truth is, that nobody really gives a shit. And the few who do care, well, they are a bit outnumbered.

Men have a real problem. We have this blue vein dick thing, that really causes some trouble out there. We feel the need to drive big trucks and convince everyone that we are tuff. What’s the difference between Gansta rap and Red Necks?

Nothing. They both suck. And when I say suck, I mean it. Everywhere I go, there is some asshole, who is acting tuff. White, Hispanic and Asian men acting Gansta.

I say acting, because they are acting. Sometime at puberty they were dumb enough to think that kind of thing would get them laid, so they started acting like what they see…other assholes. And unfortunately, there are a lot of women dumb enough to fuck these guys, reaffirming their very, very stupid lives.

People always say, Why do you blame women so much? It’s always about sex?

I do, and it is.

I blame women, because they have made it very difficult to score with, unless you are famous or tall. The rest of us, we are shit out of luck. Think about it. We have a society with lots of men who can’t get laid, and allowed to carry guns.

Sounds dangerous to me.

If I was in charge of things I would take all of the women who would want to make money off of their bodies and have a training camp. A training camp of hot bitches. These women would get paid millions. Everything they could want they could have. But, their job is to walk the streets, and fuck guys who need it, on the spot.

Two guys are angry in their commute, two hot bitches run in and give them a back seat party. End of conflict.

Now Im not saying that all women should have to do this. Just the hot ones. The ugly ones can work and suck an egg like the rest of us. And I know that there are a lot of old white men making the rules, and they are afraid of their penises and women so they condemn it. but these guys need to get laid. Lets face it.

Also, to be clear. I really don’t think that all of our troubles are women’s fault, I know that men suck. But I also know that men only want one thing.

And it rhymes with Orgasm.

I was smart enough a long time a go to just pay for it. All of that bullshit that is causing guys to walk into schools and start shooting, comes from getting turned down all the time and standing in front of a mirror with your penis in your hands. Fuck that.

Prostitutes never turn you down, and they will even act like they like it. Why even talk to a girl in a bar when there are prostitutes? can someone even explain it to me? and please don’t say anything about hearing what they have to say. I’ve talked to women in bars. It’s fucking dreadful. It’s like having a duh party.

More sex, less violence is all I’m saying. And support your local prostitute for christ sake.

Your pal Randy

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