little kids suck

I’ll tell you what I miss from the old days, I miss the glory. Back when I was a kid, we used to smash all sorts of things. We would smash tv sets, we would smash bee’s nests, We would smash my little brothers car models. Christ we would light them on fire and then smash them. We had a junk yard about four miles from my house, and we would walk there and sneak in. Then we would smash everything that could be smashed. We would use bats and pipes. Have you ever smashed one of those big florescent bulbs that explode glass everywhere, and let out some toxic gas? we did. We would throw those things at each other like they were spears. We would run at each other and smash them together as we passed, like jousting. We would stand on tv sets and smash the glass, and the tubes. Have you ever run straight into a sliding glass door swinging a bat until the thunderclap of broken glass filled your ears. Then you start laughing to all you friends because half of your cheek is dangling open? “Oh shit, moms gonna be pissed!” remember that? I started thinking about that last night, because like an asshole I got a computer and I was trying to figure out how to plug in the monitor.

God do I miss the glory days


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