Mallard liver damage

Some of us here have a bit of a problem. Me and Betsy can’t make it through the week without a stiff belt of whiskey. Betsy shoots hers and I snort mine. Gibbons just bathes in the darn stuff. Well, tonight we are going to the Mallard at around 8pm to submerge our woes with booze. This Guy Eric Ingerson, who is a rat bastard is going to be there. Eric used to fall out of his chair about once every week, and he would make Reynolds laugh so hard that milk would come out of his nose. Anyway. I heard Athena ( one of the new people ) isn’t going to go, but thats ok, because we will have our drink, and our Gibby. So to all the rest of you people, here is an open invite to waste more time with Tippett folk.

You’re only as good as your last daily


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