Marin county kill em all

Now that October is in full bloom, and the air is cool and crisp. And the season if cheer is almost here. I want to talk about killing every goddamn driver in Marin. What the hell is going on over there ? Here is the way I see it. There is three types of drivers. You have the ” It’s my road and I don’t have to use my blinkers ” group. Let me tell you something. The blinker is the easiest thing in a car to use. You don’t even have to look for it. Just drop your hand down or lift your hand up, and you will hit it. Sometimes I do it by mistake, it is that simple. And it saves lives. Boom. People who turn their blinkers on during mid turn suck. It doesn’t count, I have already slowed down and cursed out the back of your head. Then we have the ” I’m lost in the parking lot group.” This is mostly old people, but they suck too even if they are old and we should feel sorry for them. They just wander around looking up for some reason. No blinkers, no nothing. Just lost in the old parking lot of life. Then you have the most dreaded group in the world. The regulators. These people think they were born to make sure you drive at their speed. You are driving along, making good time. When somebody speeds out into your lane, in a real rush to get ahead of you, then slow…sloww…..slowwwwwdowwwwn…. WHY? why not wait for you to go first. Why cant they see how much they suck? anyway, I say bravo for road rage. Not enough people are afraid of getting shot in the head for not using the blinker.

love and kisses Randell.J.Krandell

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