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America the Busted

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

here we are again.

America is busted. America is so busted that they are coming up with zany schemes to get people to buy shit, it’s awesome. I’m glad. Now, I’m not glad because I like to see people suffer. That is not true. I’m glad because we fucking deserve it.

here is the rub. If you let a president steal an election, then watch your country go to war, against the rest of the worlds pleading, to watch a few people in power get even richer, and then go out and have the balls to drive a Toyota Tundra, or whatever the fuck you want to call it, and put a sticker on your huge gas guzzling truck that says “support the troops”. If you have those kinds of balls.

you should eat a little shit.

And I feel like the shit should be a little gooey. That’s all I’m saying.

If you live in a country that has a war on drugs, and sends people to jail for years and years, and you also have television commercials where they sell you drugs that can make you bleed out of your ass, and die, and they tested them, and some people in fact, bled out of their asses and died.

I think maybe, you should eat a little shit.

If any, and I mean any asshole, talks about the sanctity of life, then puts a bill “back” saying it’s ok to sell machine guns again, we were just kidding about banning them. If anyone flip iggitty ops on that one.

I think maybe it’s time to gag a little on that “cock sandwich” that you made for yourself.

Maybe I’m glad that the fucking goes the other way sometimes. I don’t know. And to watch the news and hear the debates these people have, It feels like flying back in time, and I’m watching cavemen argue about sticks. You feel like screaming at them.”YES IT’S STICKS ALREADY, MOVE ON! ARE YOU THAT FUCKING STUPID?”

Maybe if we all eat a little more shit then we already are, just a little, we won’t celebrate dumb America so hard.

your pal Randy