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Re: [LBJ] Flying Burrito Brothers rant

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

This is sort of an embarrassing story but my first girlfriend was a

Actually she wasn’t a girl, she was a burrito, but I loved her at least twice before I ate her. All of the girls in my high school were into the jocks with their stupid isod shirts and pastel shorts, and I was getting quite lonely. I wrote a poem about the darkness in my heart but nobody cared. One night I went for a walk and passed a Mexican taco stand, and there for three dollars was a burrito, it was huge….she..was huge

I bought it and on my way home she looked so beautiful in the moonlight that I started to get feelings. I hid her under my bed for a week slowly pulling the plate out at night while my family slept, kissing her hot sauce very gently.

One night I got a little high on weed and we made out for hours to my horror the next morning she was gone. I thought she left me, until my stomach started to hurt then I realised my crime.

I was devastated for months until I met my second girlfriend…..a stack of chocolate chip cookies.

your pal Randy

Bay bay Liberty

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

It’s hard to be right on this topic.

here is another point of view. I would bet that almost everyone who has a opinion about smoking eats meat. Probably everyday of their lives, and on some days you might eat, chicken, Cow and pig, and what the fuck, throw a little fish in there too.

The fact is that it is disgusting. And to someone who doesn’t eat it, It is disgusting and gross, and packs a lot of cruelty and Murder with it. But, for now it is considered normal, much like smoking was considered normal fifty years ago.

We all know smoking is bad for you, and smells disgusting, unless you are addicted, then it taste fucking great.

What is so different then smelling smoke, or to watch a fat fuck squeeze a hamburger down their fat fuck throat? These people should maybe have a salad, or a fruit cup, but if you even suggest that they don’t eat pork, they will say something like. ” but I like the taste of bacon.”

Not only is bacon very bad for you, but comes at a very big cost. To everybody, not just the poor animal.

Most of us, don’t care to know about that cost, because we like the taste. We know that, horrible things are happening, behind close doors and we don’t want to even know about it, because we like it. Even though most of us could use a salad. I’ve been through the crew pictures, we aren’t the cast of Baywatch, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

I find it a little sad, that we as a group of people will consume at such a fevered pitch, and waste, and contribute money to such a horrible practice, and then have the nerve to complain about smelling smoke.

Let people smoke, if they want. None of us are going to live forever. relax, and look the other way, and be cool about it.

Or don’t eat that fucking hamburger around me, because, you and your greasy chin and fat gut are making me sick.

your pal Randy.