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Re: pleeeeeease, please,please…

Thursday, February 24th, 2000

Petzold wrote:

sorry… have to it try again:

PLEASE, please, please close the bathroom doors behind you. Every time you leave the doors open, the bathroom air mixes with the Bay2 air. ( just imagine … ) It’s either the smell of sh.. or the Anti-Stink-Spray, which isn’t any better. So, please shut the doors and leave the air circulation to the little fans IN the bathrooms.

thank you very much.


I’m sorry Frank, Yesterday I woke up and had some sour cream. Then I came to work and ate an sausage egg and cheese bagel from the Home cafe. It was after my five cups of coffee and my cigar that I felt like getting a little something from the food truck. It of coarse turned out to be steak and eggs over rice with peppers and cheese and three boiled eggs. But I think it was the Bacon burger from Barneys that did the real damage. It’s funny ,that walk you get right before touchdown. It’s like you move faster and faster, but there is no bounce anymore and your grimace is so strong you look like your laughing. It’s scary when you come to, and your head is in the sink..Well anyway, I will keep the door shut from now on, and I’ll never do Tabasco sauce shots again no matter what Rosenthal says.

— ——————————————————————————-
You’re only as good as your last doody


Secret Santa

Monday, December 20th, 1999

I think about once in your life, you get a present that is so perfect, and made with so much skill, that it breaks you. Saturday night, I got that gift. I have my suspicions to who the culprit is, by the incredible craftsmanship, and care put into it. I was of coarse expecting a bag of pennies, or some wise ass gift that would make me suck in my belly for the next year, but I got something right out of my sketchbook. I have never gotten a better present, ever. My mom has tried for years to find so King Kong toy that would fit my liking, but it has never been made. No Toy store has it, and no collector can buy it. Because it is mine.
Thanks with all my heart to whoever made my gift.

— randy

Robin looks great

Sunday, December 19th, 1999

Our own Robin, the cute gal in animation is going to cut her hair this weekend. The Bunch of us have been begging and pleading to her not to get rid of the sassy look she has cultivated. But to dead ears our please have fallen. This is the last hope we have. We are begging all to help us foil this dastardly plot to cut the “sassy” out of the animation dept. Please help by telling her To just say no!

ps we all know it is a woman’s right to blah, blah, blah. That has nothing to do with “Sassy” and it is no fun. So keep those e-mail to yourselves.

Please help

You’re only as good as your last daily


I’m staying

Wednesday, December 8th, 1999

I figured I will tell you guys first

I just wanted all of you to know that I’m staying right here. Phil couldn’t drag me out those fucking doors. And I couldn’t get a job anywhere else besides a deli. I really hate most of these idiots I work with, but I’m going to stay anyway. So I will be at my desk.

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Re: courtesy? yes please!!

Thursday, December 2nd, 1999

PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY OF YOUR #@!*?% IN EDITORIAL – your mom, your maid,and your dog do NOT live here

this includes:
coffee and tea mugs
uneaten food
and anything else you deem necessary to bring in here for your huddles, cut-ins, etc.

we know it’s hectic for everyone right now (more rocks, more rocks!), and that includes us –
it doesn’t help that we have to take the time to throw away half-full paper coffee cups, etc, etc, just to be able to get to our keyboards without spilling stuff on them

again, don’t make us start naming names……

Now people.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, those people in editorial are a bit bunchy. I’m not going to say that they aren’t friendly, cause I think that Krebs guy is kinda nice( and cute) but it took many coffee offerings during troopers to make him talk to me. But if you are going to leave food around, by all means leave it on my desk. I get the feeling that if we all don’t work together to give a hoot don’t pollute in editorial, they might just start shooting at us one day. It is a scientific fact that editors are very high strung and they often still kill frogs as adults. I think that kevin guy has had at least five different pet dogs in the last year alone, and his basement smells funny. So again come over to my desk and litter, I love that shit, and leave those people in editorial alone.

your pal in battle Ranny’s


Wednesday, October 13th, 1999

Gibby just told me that he thinks he is a much better animator than Phil ever was. Now I find this hard to believe, but he swears it is true. I know that Tom has just made a film and all, but that is one heck of a thing to say. Gibby is the kind of rat bastard that would say somthing like that and then go to Paris and try to be French. Now I’ve got nothing against French people, Kevin from editorial is nice and all, but who does this guy think he is. So if you are working on one of Gibby’s shot, like comping or somthing would you please fuck it up so we could knock this guy down a notch.

your pal ranny’s

Re: Watching Dailies in Bay 2

Tuesday, May 18th, 1999

Maia wrote:

Alright you guys –

I guess I get to play the bad guy/gal and remind you that THERE ARE PEOPLE
WORKING in Bay 2, so if you’re hanging out, waiting for your shot to be shown, BE QUIET!! That means, don’t talk above a whisper. Otherwise, you will be asked to leave the room, and go outside. It’s crunchtime, as if you didn’t know, and everyone’s stress level is high, so be considerate.

Thank you for listening, and everyone in Bay 2 upper and lower thanks you too. Go ahead Randy, let r rip….

Now normally I wouldn’t say anything, but I did get the invite. I am ashamed that I work with such inconsiderate slobs who talk too loud in bay two. If you people can’t whisper while your waiting to get hammered in dailies you should go outside. I would go outside but then I wouldn’t hear the Daily’s call, and then I would get in more trouble for standing in the sun talking and having a good time, while Phil asked me how my animation was going. Maia has a really good point, and we should all be considerate for people who are trying to work. And People who are trying to work should wear their damn earphones like the good lord gave them so I can talk and be nervous because I’m about to hear how much I suck. I think the point is that we are in some kind of home stretch here and well I don’t know if it’s a home stretch but we’ve got a lot of work to do, and I think that we not only have to be considerate of people who are trying to work, But we should try and keep calm and happy and focused and not let the stress make you run around like you’ve just got stung by a bee. The Haunting already rocks in spite of Jan deboach or however you spell his damn name, so feel good people.

ps It’s ok to make that lousy Brit in editorial angry, but he’s the only one.

You’re only as good as your last daily



Friday, February 5th, 1999

Ok, so I did it. I went and had some Fondue last night. Two of our own NEW TIPPETT people took me on an escapade in berkeley and of all the great places to eat……we had Fondue. I don’t know how to spell Fondue but this sounds right. Anyway, it was real nice. Ummm I don’t want to embarrass these people by telling you who would think of eating fondue on a thursday, but ok it was Sandy, the weird girl who works in the Art dept., and Alex… Alexisha…oh I can’t spell it, but she is the new weird coordinator girl. Anyway, they are both nice and it was fun. But back to the story. During some cheesy dinner stuff we got on the subject of work, of coarse. And we were talking about what made Tippett different from those other studios. And ok every dept. is great and Joel does a great job, and everyone is great, blah, blah, blah. ( Oh, if you people haven’t seen Hv7 and its wrinkles that Joel and his new side kick have done I’d haul your hiney over to a DDr and have a look.) But anyway, One thing that separates us from all other studios is that our TD’s and our Compers Kick some serious ass. Us animators, we wreck the shots and the TD’s and Compers save our ass every time. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about watch Men In Black, and you will notice that all of the cg ( thats computer graphics ) look like color forms placed on a background plate compared to us. So I figured it was time that somebody gave a little rah, rah to those poor bastards in bay2,3,and 4 and god help them on the Haunting. And oh yah, Mikes match moves are good too.

your pal R.J.Krandell

Secret Santa

Tuesday, December 15th, 1998

I just wanted to say that I’m going to kill the bastard who is responsible for my secret santa. What kind of mean spirited maniac would give a likeness of someone as a present. I called my mom this morning to tell her about it and she broke down crying. She tried to say, “no your not fat your big boned” but she couldn’t get it out. God forbid if I told her about the cross. When I find you Heaven help us all.

New People

Thursday, December 3rd, 1998

Now I noticed during a tenth street lap, that all these new faces were looking up at me over their little partitions. So I ran my little hiney into into the kitchen and I was swarmed with some new people drinking all the coffee up and eating Dougs grandpas apples like there wasn’t gonna be any more apples on earth for the next hundred years. And let me tell you, the sight of all these people chewing on apple cores scared the almighty out of me, so I ran as fast as I could into film IO. And I hate going into Film IO cause I’m scared of that funny fly paper they put all over in there and more importantly I’m scared of David Rosenthal, cause he looks like one of those Conan types who will cut you up with an axe just to see you bleed. And he is grumpy all the time and he likes to go fishing. Now I don’t know if you guys know about men who like to go fishing, but let me just say stay away. You get me. I’m not kidding here, keep your distance he is a little nuts. So anyway there I am stuck in Film Io with Conan and his side kick Vicki, who likes peanut butter and bacon sandwiches on toast so you know she is crazy. And I’m thinking how the hell I’m gonna get out of this building and back to safe old Grayson. So I make a run for it. both my shoes and socks get stuck on that disgusting fly paper stuff but I didn’t care I kept running bare foot and the Conan says something like “I’ll kill you.” and now I’m so scared I ran right into the glass door like a bug. BAM! So now I’m all dizzy, and I run out and this dam bird starts squawking at me and I think that guy Roger was yelling some wise ass remark, cause I had feathers all over me and peck marks. Have you noticed that guy Roger is always making some wise ass remarks. I never know what the hell he’s talking about. But so here I am bare foot tarred and feathered, with Roger the wise ass talking shit running so fast that I don’t even stop for candy at the front desk. So I’m gonna ask you new people to slow down a little. Have a little heart, try to crack a little smile every now and then. And welcome aboard.

your pal Randell.J.Krandell