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Me of coarse

Sunday, December 19th, 1999

Hey , so my shot Ck1 went down to L.A. for a final yesterday, and the Comping was a final, and the Lighting was a final. And let me say good job Saba and Gurden if that’s how the hell you spell your name, but the animation needed some changes. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I think that’s a first. Comping and lighting finals,…..animation changes. Oh I’m not proud. But I thinks it’s a new one. I just gotta get the guy with the mohawke to come look at my changes and then I will be right back on top again, so don’t fear.

your pal R.J.Krandell

Re: How to ask for ANIMATION support…

Tuesday, May 4th, 1999

The thing is….don’t.

There is no time. If a shot needs to be done, just bother a coordinator, and they will get right on the phone, and start asking, when will it be done? when can we show it? can we show it to Phil now? Or just call the animator yourself, and yell Check In! Check it it! most likely the animator will cry and complain about time, but that’s fun. If you are really in a pinch, buy an animator lunch, we will do almost anything for food.( God I’m tired, I can’t wait to just go home and…..whats that, dinner….from the Home Caffe…shit yah, I’ll stay a couple more hours. You see the pattern here. It’s easy.

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Randy the TD

Wednesday, April 28th, 1999

Hey people, I want you all to know that I’m not trying to muscle in on the TD’s. As some of you may know, two of my three daily’s had some red lights in there making my scene look a little Christmas like. And even though it posed a nice distraction from the shitty animation that I have been doing (and so lucky to be reminded of at 9am every morning) It sure didn’t stop Phil from the little kick in the cans that I enjoy so much. I think his comment was..” maybe you should be a td.” Now I know what you’re going to say. You’re gonna say “No fucking way, not in my department!” That shit bum aint gonna sit by me!” And I’ve have gotten lots of mail, saying..”hey are you going to be a td?” I didn’t think you knew how to alt f9.” and I’m saying “don’t worry, it took two and a half years to find spell check.” You see, I can’t move into the td dept cause they are smart people. Like those loons upstairs bay three. I assure you that it was only Phil helping to motivate me with a little bad verbal, making my forehead all sweaty. You see, and this is for the new people. You will learn to love the pain. You will, don’t worry. After the Haunting your’e going to seek out disapproval. You wont take out the trash until somebody tells you you’re a fat slob. I have a little alarm clock with Phil’s voice that says ” Get up asshole” And I live for my mornings. I giggle like a school kid as I set my alarm. Believe me, you will love it. You see the whole reason we are artists is because we seek approval. It’s not because we have some profound inner vision that we need to explain. We are not deep. we are a bunch of geeks whose parents said ” nice drawing kid, did you do your homework? and we have been paying the price ever since.

You’re only as good as your last daily


Re: 020999_Production_Meeting_Notes

Tuesday, February 9th, 1999

Snipped from memo by Marty:

*** We are trying to push the schedule wherever we can. WIth the time lost at the beginning of the schedule we are still trying to get back on track. Hence, the push on these current shots.

I don’t buy this one bit. I think we are probably right on track, I bet there is a select few who will get to party with Phil if we bring this thing in early. Blocking and finaling animation on the same day, who ever heard of such a thing. Ten bucks says that German, the forehead and That Brownstein guy, or however the hell you spell his name are all laughing behind closed doors at us while we sweat bullets. KOMODO KICKS ASS ! We RULE. THIS IS THE BEST CREW I EVER FUCKING WORKED WITH. The three bopsy twins are doing a great job too. We should all feel lucky to work on a job with such great supervisors, We are doing this with very little help from the top People, and that kicks ass.

ps I know we are just catching up, but I can’t help throwing Sheles the wrench…..

your pal R.J.Krandell

New People

Thursday, December 3rd, 1998

Now I noticed during a tenth street lap, that all these new faces were looking up at me over their little partitions. So I ran my little hiney into into the kitchen and I was swarmed with some new people drinking all the coffee up and eating Dougs grandpas apples like there wasn’t gonna be any more apples on earth for the next hundred years. And let me tell you, the sight of all these people chewing on apple cores scared the almighty out of me, so I ran as fast as I could into film IO. And I hate going into Film IO cause I’m scared of that funny fly paper they put all over in there and more importantly I’m scared of David Rosenthal, cause he looks like one of those Conan types who will cut you up with an axe just to see you bleed. And he is grumpy all the time and he likes to go fishing. Now I don’t know if you guys know about men who like to go fishing, but let me just say stay away. You get me. I’m not kidding here, keep your distance he is a little nuts. So anyway there I am stuck in Film Io with Conan and his side kick Vicki, who likes peanut butter and bacon sandwiches on toast so you know she is crazy. And I’m thinking how the hell I’m gonna get out of this building and back to safe old Grayson. So I make a run for it. both my shoes and socks get stuck on that disgusting fly paper stuff but I didn’t care I kept running bare foot and the Conan says something like “I’ll kill you.” and now I’m so scared I ran right into the glass door like a bug. BAM! So now I’m all dizzy, and I run out and this dam bird starts squawking at me and I think that guy Roger was yelling some wise ass remark, cause I had feathers all over me and peck marks. Have you noticed that guy Roger is always making some wise ass remarks. I never know what the hell he’s talking about. But so here I am bare foot tarred and feathered, with Roger the wise ass talking shit running so fast that I don’t even stop for candy at the front desk. So I’m gonna ask you new people to slow down a little. Have a little heart, try to crack a little smile every now and then. And welcome aboard.

your pal Randell.J.Krandell

Beef Bologna

Tuesday, October 27th, 1998

Now listen up. I’m gonna give out a little rah, rah Tippett thing here and I hope you all are paying a little attention. I’m a man who has worked shitty jobs. We are talking ticket boy at the UA theaters. I’m talking meat boy at the deli. ( talk about a not getting any chicks job) I’m talking all of the bottom drawer lack luster shit bummery jobs a human can do. Now we all know me and Phil don’t see eye to eye on things. Like I think I’m a much better artist than Gibbi, but the big boy, well lets just say he don’t see just how much Gibbi really sucks. But anyhow,…..well come to think of it I think Craig and me don’t see eye to eye either. but anyway , even though I’m much better than Gibbi at almost everything, and Phil wont give me the time of day. Once he tried to spit on me from his big office but hey, whatever. I still thank my lucky stars I got this job. ( One reason is that no one else would ever hire me.) But I wake up. grab a cup of coffee, take a little beating in dailies, work as hard as I can. AS FAST AS I CAN. Do a really fucking great job everyday. And let Gibbons take all the credit. and ….well…. my point is that ….well I don’t know what my point is…BUT it beats the shit out of slicing bologna for little old ladys…….OK well maybe not there is something really exciting about slicing bologna for little old lady’s but that’s another e-mail all together. But Its a close second.

Think of it this way. Sometimes when I’m in a bar, and I see a beautiful girl I’ll walk right up to her and say Hi I worked on Starship Troopers and she will say I’ve never heard of that, what is it? and that make me feel great!

cuts and bruses

Friday, February 7th, 1997

AS you know I have two older brothers. I love them. My family gets along really well. I also have a little brother I love him too. I was born in 1967, that makes me a 60’s kid even though I’m pretty sure I didn’t know what was happening at the time. But I was a ripe age of 10 in 1977, and I knew what was going on. I was being constantly beatin by my two older brothers. Smacked in the head, pushed from trees, you name it. Stitches. I must have looked like Frankenstien, with big black stitches all over me. It was a very painful time. The funny thing is I look back on it with such joy and understanding. I needed it. Every kid needs it. The best nights sleep was when I was laying on some fresh stitches.

Which brings me to Daily’s. Now the whole goal of the day is to do the best job you can. Why, because we want this movie to rock. But a smaller goal is to not get your ass stripped and smacked in daily’s. Now I’ll say it right here and now. I dont think that anyone has seen the full extent of the law yet, but there are some proud moments that we would all like to forget. I’m saying It’s a good thing. When your time comes stand proud. Take it. It’s not roto’s fault.

It’s not comper Joe bob. It’s not softimage. Let the spot light from hell beam down on your face and feel its warmth. I think some time down the road we will miss the fresh smell of stitches.

your pal