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cuts and bruses

Friday, February 7th, 1997

AS you know I have two older brothers. I love them. My family gets along really well. I also have a little brother I love him too. I was born in 1967, that makes me a 60’s kid even though I’m pretty sure I didn’t know what was happening at the time. But I was a ripe age of 10 in 1977, and I knew what was going on. I was being constantly beatin by my two older brothers. Smacked in the head, pushed from trees, you name it. Stitches. I must have looked like Frankenstien, with big black stitches all over me. It was a very painful time. The funny thing is I look back on it with such joy and understanding. I needed it. Every kid needs it. The best nights sleep was when I was laying on some fresh stitches.

Which brings me to Daily’s. Now the whole goal of the day is to do the best job you can. Why, because we want this movie to rock. But a smaller goal is to not get your ass stripped and smacked in daily’s. Now I’ll say it right here and now. I dont think that anyone has seen the full extent of the law yet, but there are some proud moments that we would all like to forget. I’m saying It’s a good thing. When your time comes stand proud. Take it. It’s not roto’s fault.

It’s not comper Joe bob. It’s not softimage. Let the spot light from hell beam down on your face and feel its warmth. I think some time down the road we will miss the fresh smell of stitches.

your pal