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apple pie

Friday, October 10th, 1997

Now I am an American. And that means somthing. It means that I’ve got the God givin right to say what I feel and believe in the Ma ha raja if I want. And I can listen to rock music if I want. Or get scared out of my pants if I feel like it. But some of us here at the studio are not that lucky. For instance, Tom Sheles is not an American. He comes from Canada, which I think is communist, because he has never seen the movie HALLOWEEN. starring our own Jamme Lee Curtis. And I dont know about you but that makes me sick. I mean how the heck are you supposed to grow up normal if you’ve never seen innocent women stabbed to death because they just did the funny with a boy they just met. Its starting to make a little sense now, just look at the poor slob. as a matter of fact the next time you see Tom you should give him a hug or somthing. No wonder he is so broken. Anyway, When I heard that the little bike rider has never seen that movie I broke into the vault and awaited October. Now It is October, so I brought it in. And I’m thinking of a little showing tonight. Friday night at 9pm. NOW I dont want to step on any toes so if someone want to use the screening room or someone does not want me to use the screening room just give a call or write me back. And anyone else is invited to watch as innocent people get killed like they deserve.