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Me pete and eva

Tuesday, November 25th, 1997

Ok, Ha, ha, ha. all this funny mail. I was reading all your little jokes when Pete came in the room laughing. Now Gibbi dont like it much when people talk shit about me so he threw a plaster bag at pete’s head. Pete obviously ducked cause gibbi is week and had a hard time throwing the ten pound bag. But not before Eva busted up threw the floor and had Pete by the pant leg.(AS you may know, Eva dont like people talking shit about me either.) At that I began to force feed pete some of the special blend coffee that we get and so he began to gag like a pig thrown from an airplane. Thomas heard all the noise and ran in the room with a gas can screaming I’m the manager and no’one fights without me! And pity for us Robin decided to take up smoking just at that moment. Well you guessed it BOOM!! goodbye Grayson. It’s a mess over here. I made it.there is somthing in the next room that looks like a burnt match, I think thats Gibbi.

Starship Troopers

Friday, November 21st, 1997


Well I guess it’s time for the internal Starship Troopers review.

I want to say a few things, and mostly to reply to some of the reviews that I have heard. Now we know that the effects are amazing. All of them. I was so very pleased with the space ship stuff. The whole thing looked great. I have seen it about three times and every time I want to scrutinize our work I am too wrapped up in the movie.

No I want to talk about the live action stuff. The biggest comment that I have heard is how bad the acting was. I thought it was going to be a hell of a lot worse. But to my surprise I felt kinda bad when some of those people were getting ripped into shreds. So I say good job. I’ve heard the acting was bad and they were too hansome and blah, blah, blah. Now maybe I am crazy. And we all know that I’m not that smart. But Wasn’t that a science fiction movie? I mean, all these poeple complaining about the acting, where have they been for the last thirty years. When was the last time you went to a Science fiction movie and were mad about the acting? I mean. where in Independence Day did any one say ” Boy that guy from taxi really, made me cry, with his scruffy face,” Or “when he flew that plane into the ship and won the day for the human race I couldn’t look at my girlfriend cause I had tears in my eyes.” Infact What brand name actor has delivered a great performance in the last ten years? Did Stallone give out an award winning performance in Judge Dredd. Or how much did the actors get paid for the new Batman movie? ” Wow when mister freeze was sad cause his wife was all frozen.’ and I couldn’t believe the turmoil between Batman and Robin when they were fighting over the red headed vine girl.” I never heard any bad reviews on those great acting jobs. I think I would be a little more upset if I paid George Kloony twenty million and my batman just looked down and wobbled his head when he spoke. Ok Blade Runner good acting. Alien. good acting. The fith Element…..uh..what the fuck was that. So what is the deal. I need to know who out there has been so swayed by these fantastic roles that they all of a sudden got upset that Jonny Rico’s character wasn’t as good as the mad docter in Back To the Future. Has any actor taken an acadamy award in any science fiction film ever?

Maybe we should make a film about two people who really like each other and then they go across the country in search of themseleves but they cry alot cause they want to tell each other but then they are afraid to, so they grow spiritualy very much and that also makes them cry and in the end, they save a dying dog who is also crying and maybe then Siskle and chubby Ebert would cry too and like that movie very much.

your pal



rat fink

Wednesday, November 19th, 1997

Now you all know that I like Gibby. I think he is a very nice guy. And he is very,very talented. And I like to think that I am not a greedy guy. I am pretty happy with what little I have been dealt. I dont sit home and mope because Phil likes him better than me. Infact Phil, Jules and Craig like him better than me. Thats fine. He is a wonderful animator and a great artist. I think he should be a movie star. I would go see every movie he made. If I could I would kiss him but he wont let me. Thats ok.

But I just found out that while I got the funny Tanker button with the red dots that move when you press the sticker on the back. He got two buttons. TWO. He got the same one I did, and one better. And when I asked him where he got the other fantastic button, he said that he got friends. WOW. Did you guys know that they are charging me four hundred dollars for a Troopers Jacket. And Tom doesn’t have to pay a dime.

Now I dont want to start any internal friction here, but if you all would smack Tom in the head really hard every time you see him or kick him in the shins I would feel so much better about all of this.

ps. Every time I go home all I hear my girlfriend say is Tom this and Tom that and isn’t it funny when or can I borrow some money cause Toms taking me to the movies…ect…ect…ect

your pal Ranell.J.Krandell