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Re: the PA phonebooks

Tuesday, April 24th, 2001

Jordan Torrey wrote:

whoever has borrowed the SF and OAKLAND yellow pages from the front desk at 914 Grayson, please return them! being PA sucks bad enough WITH them. thanks.


I remember once I was a PA at a local film Studio and I loved it! I had such a good time. I got to drive all over the place and park my rig right in front like BJ and the Bear. One time this nice fellow borrowed the yellow pages, and I was really mad, but then I found them and it was ok. One day while I was out about doing my pa duties, I ran into Phil Tippet. He is the man who animated the Ewoks for ” The Dark Crystal”. And I remember I asked him if I could work for him, I pleaded with him. I have always loved Ewoks. He looked straight into my loving young eyes and said ” Go fuck yourself asshole” Then he pushed me in the dirt. But I got the job anyway, and I don’t think he remembers me. Anyway, being a PA doesn’t always suck. Just most of the time.

love always randy