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Racist Dogs

Monday, May 16th, 2011

I walked out of a coffee shop this morning in Lake Merritt California. I was already a bit on the aggressive side as I watched some yuppie parents and their children take over the racket of begging, this was some stupid baseball club or whatever. Standing on the sidelines were the usual homeless people, also watching as those cute little kids filled their buckets with dollar bills. This corner was obviously a hot spot for collecting sympathy money. And those kids who have everything they could want in life were raking it in. Stupid Berkeley Moms stood proud as their children edged the needy to the sidelines.

I left the coffee spot and knelt down to pet a dog while ignoring a goofy kid waving a bucket at me and then went on my way. Apparently a homeless man, a huge black man with hoodie on walked over to pet the dog and it snapped at him. It was loud too I turned around and the man said “I guess he doesn’t like me.” While I crossed the street a proud white Berkeley mom escorted a little black baseball kid to get him even more stuff, walked beside me. The boy asked why the dog tried to bite him and she said that his owner was probably racist and a racist owner makes a racist dog. Not, “I don’t know”. Which would have been the truth, she had to fill this kid with her stupid baggage. Anyone who knows anything knows that some dogs need to be approached a certain way. Like for instance I knelt down which is less intimidating, the list goes on.

The truth is that the older I get the more I hate people. I wish it wasn’t true. I hate how people generation after generation do the exact same thing. They achieve nothing personally and fill the void with Children. Children are great, I’m an uncle It get it. But you’re still going to die and your child is a garbage producing machine. These California idiots will have three kids and then stand on the corner and talk about how to save the environment. Never knowing how full of shit they are. Now some poor little kid thinks that dogs can judge him because the color of his skin while that stupid fat white bitch eats another cookie and feels superior. I cannot express how much I hate most parents. And if I did what I wanted which was slap that stupid whore in her mouth as she shoved another cookie in, everyone would think I was crazy. That’s the sick thing they wouldn’t cheer and run over and kick her in her fat ribs like they should. People, produce something useful in your life.

Paint a picture, learn something, do something for you. Enrich your lives, travel, have crazy sex, keep active, mentally and physically. Please, please please don’t be like your parents. They fell in love had you, and then began to eat for three. And seriously, when was the last time you called them? In the end you die alone, don’t kid yourself. Stop thinking that being alone is bad. I love to be alone I’m surrounded by people all the time. When I go and sit by myself I don’t need to check my phone to see if there are more people I should talk to. Or more importantly I don’t have the need to fool the people watching me that I have friends.

Your pal Randy